Frequently Asked Questions

Agent Platform

Can multi-currencies be loaded?

Our platform provides support for 200+ currencies. One main currency has to be selected during the sign-up process. Any change to the main currency (USD -> EUR) has to be requested through a support ticket.

Can fare rules be loaded for Agent to view prior to fare, hotel and car selection?

We are currently in the process of finalising the implementation. Estimated time of rollout Q2 2018.

Can profiles be synced back to GDS?

Yes, let us know when you feel ready that your profiles can be synced to the GDS through a support ticket.

Where will agent receive notification from airline for e.g time changes?

Through the existing queue notification in case of an GDS Account/PCC. The travel agent needs to manage the queues. In airlines direct connect either by mail to the travel agent or on our notification channel.


Can the flight search result show full economy / business class fares without having to check each fare for their relevant restrictions?

This is depending on the suppliers (e.g. GDS/Airlines direct connect) capability.

Can traveler upload documents of services booked directly?

This will be possible shortly (Q1 2018). Currently only the Agent can upload documents.