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CUSTOMER (synonym: client / traveler)

Person who purchases leisure or business travel from a Travel Agency.

PERSON (synonym: individual / customer / client / traveler)

An individual traveler for leisure travel or linked to an organization.

ORGANIZATION (synonym: corporate business)

A corporate business client of a Travel Agency that has several travelers travelling for the business.

ACCOUNT MANAGER (synonym: administration / controller / head person)

A travel consultant who is assigned to service a particular customer or organization with travel bookings on a leisure or corporate basis.

SALUTATION (synonym: recognition / title)

Title given to a customer to define status in a formal manner.
E.g Mrs / Ms / Mr / Miss

TITLE (synonym: designation)

A prefix given to a customer to identify professional or academic qualification.
e.g DR / Prof / Prof. Dr.

EXECUTIVE APPROVER (synonym: accept / authorized)

Top management who authorizes an employee within the business / organization to travel. An approval request will be sent to this individual only at last and only if previous approver have approved.

TRAVEL AGENT (synonym: Travel Consultant)

The employee in a Travel Agency or Travel Management Company that faces the customer. The Travel Agent arranges and manages travel bookings and any concern of a customer.

ORDER (synonym: Super PNR / Booking / Travel Package)

Represents one or multiple reservations (PNR’s) of a customer. It can consist of online reservations (e.g GDS or direct connect bookings) and / or offline reservations (e.g. services booked via email / telephone / fax). The order can be seen as a shopping cart that can contain various travel services requested to be booked by the customer / traveler.

OFFER (synonym: proposition / quote)

Represents a booking created for a client with a PNR. PNR will autocancel in the system after time limit has been reached.

QUEUE (synonym: list / series)

This relates to all orders / offers where PNR’s have been created with GDS (Travelport / Amadeus / Sabre) with reference numbers. This can be managed under Queue Management on the Agent Platform. PNR’s can also be imported from the GDS.

TRAVEL PLAN (synonym: travel itinerary)

Refers to flights which have been booked for a customers / traveler) in itinerary form. Indicates flights booked and all information relating to the flights e.g travel time, baggage allowance, aircraft type, travel distance).

ITEMS (synonym: PNR’s / travel components / travel services booked)

Refers to an outline of travel services selected for the customer / traveler. Non-GDS items can be added to complete travel offer / order for the customer / traveler.

VOUCHERS (synonym: ticket / coupon)

Refers to a car or hotel voucher given to the customer / traveler / client indicating services for accommodation or car hire have been booked and confirmed. Voucher indicates method of payment for the supplier to either receive payment from the Travel Agency or customer / traveler / client). This can be sent to the customer / traveler or retrieved by the customer / traveler on the TravelApp (if they have registered or have access).

TRAVEL POLICY (synonym: guideline / protocol / rule)

Refers to a travel policy for an organization / corporate business which relates to what is and is not permitted for travelers travelling for the organization / corporate business.

PREFERRED (synonym: approved / endorsed / favored)

Refers to travel supplier which has been selected to use before other suppliers in a particular travel category (e.g Avis is a preferred for car hire).


Refers to travel services which have not been approved as per the organization / business travel policy.

REPORTS (synonym: information / detail)

Refers to information which can be retrieved relating to a supplier / airline / Agent / Organization / Cost Centre / Traveler in a specific time frame from a specific area.

NOTIFICATION (synonym: notice / message)

Message sent to Travel Consultant relating to new bookings being booked by customers on the TravelApp or messages sent by the customer via the TravelApp.

PRODUCT (synonym: commodity / package)

Refers to a service from a supplier which is not bookable via GDS (e.g visa service / Travel Clinic).

MARGIN (synonym: limit / allowance)

Refers to a percentage mark up added to travel services for a customer / traveler which made visible or not visible to the client. This is indicated as a percentage added to a total travel item / service booked / offered.

FEES (synonym: commission / compensation)

This is fees indicated by the Travel Agent for travel services booked individually or per organization / corporate business.

SUPPLIERS (synonym: travel service provider)

Any company providing travel services to Travel Agency / customer (e.g Avis Car Hire, Visas International, Automotion Parking).


Internet Booking Engine. This would be the TravelApp which is used by the customers / travelers.

CORPORATE CODES (synonym: Supplier discounted codes)

This relates to agreements between the travel supplier and Travel Agency whereby special negotiated rates have been given.

DASHBOARD (synonym: control panel / home page)

This is the home page on Agent Platform and TravelApp. On the TravelApp dashboard details are shown of the person who is logged in as well as any orders done.

MESSAGE On TravelApp platform (synonym: information / notice from client / customer / traveler logged onto TravelApp)

A customer / client / traveler will send a message to the Travel Agent / Agency requesting assistance with travel related matters. This will appear as a notification on the Agent Platform whereby this will be actioned by the Travel Consultant.